Thursday, May 7, 2009

El parcial.

Just checked my Smith e-mail and found this:

Dear Returning Student:

We hope you summer break is off to a good start...

Dear Smith,

My classes don't end until June 25th. Thanks for reminding me that everyone else is done.
Mary Kate

In fact, I just took un examen parcial (midterm) in my Literatura y Cristianismo class at the Catholic University of Argentina. I had to use phrases like "Cristo en todo su misterio" (Christ in all of his mystery) and "la belleza del lugar teológico en la literatura (the beauty of theology in literature). Apparently, my ability to bs knows no language barriers... well, I suppose I should wait until I get my grade back to say that. But at least it's over! When I passed it in, my profesora kind of yelled at me for using a pencil (but didn't actually yell because people were still writing). I know she was thinking, "stupid Americans and their pencils!". I could see it in her eyes. I was REALLY apologetic though. Just trying to pass...

My headphones broke yesterday. boo.

19 days until the love of my life (Jacqueline Karen Cain) is in Buenos Aires with me. HOLY CRAP!

Isn't she cute?

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