Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Counting days, counting down.

I've been trying to open this damn jar of pickles since, day 11, perhaps?
Today is day 79. And I still just want to eat my damn pickles. This is so un-Smith, but I need a big, strong man to come open the pickle jar.
Good thing I'll have one in 39 days (my dad!) and then another one 27 days after that (Clark!). Pickle feast. Until then, these gurken-sticks are stuck.

That's all. I went on a bike trip yesterday to Tigre (the place where I "camped" in a bar and the island flooded). We biked about 20 kilometers and did some kayaking in the delta too. It was a great day. Not much else besides academic stuff this week... though academic stuff for me means meditation class at the local Buddhist temple and Sunday mass at the Anglican church around the corner. Should be interesting!
Looking for a reason to leave the city this weekend... hmmmm.

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