Monday, April 6, 2009


Cost of necessary UPS customs documents: $89 pesos
Trips to and from the airport: $192 pesos
Tears shed: 1 1/2 (did my best to contain myself)
Times the words "ridiculous" and "stupid" have crossed my mind (in reference to Argentine customs and myself): 1,857,349
Persicco Ice cream to comfort myself: $14 pesos
Getting a care package from my family: priceless.

So I didn't get my package on Saturday. Or today. But it's alright. I am adopting a very peaceful attitude towards this whole process, and it's going to work out. Today I didn't get it because I did not have my original passport; I only had the photocopy. So that was truly me just not thinking about how I need my original to do everything else in this country, so I would probably need it to get something from customs. My B. Try again tomorrow.

Maybe it's all the yoga I've been doing that's letting me relax about this.
Or maybe it's the ice cream.

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