Friday, March 6, 2009


So I haven't posted about Bariloche yet, but I will, and soon! Here are the pictures. And for a bit of a spoiler... see those giant, glacial lakes? I went skinny dipping in one! More to come...
But for now I really wanted to share this video that my beautiful, inspirational, always loving and comforting best friend Jacqueline posted on her facebook. Check it out here. And if you're curious and want to know how this video came to be, click here.

Moral of this story is, I watched this video this morning and I cried because I was moved.  It's silly, and inspirational, and wonderful. I know it's just a youtube video, but I think it's pretty awesome. I suppose I've been feeling like I'm in a bit of a funk because as much as I know I am independent, strong, determined, and fun-loving, I am not a city girl. I can be all those things here, it's just a lot harder for me to feel at peace in this city than in, say, THE WOODS. I do love trees. And I like waking up and hearing birds and wind outside my window, not motorcycles and trucks. I love traveling and I love the world, but I really miss my home.

After watching this video, I am determined to find my place in the city, and find the things that make me happiest. I have my first field hockey practice tonight! For lunch, I'm meeting up with a friend in the Botanical Gardens for a picnic with some homemade hummus I whipped up last night. And then I'm going to check out a yoga studio in Palermo and see what they've got going on.  All these things make me happy.

Alright friends, watch the video and be happy. I love you all!

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