Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perhaps a great irony in my young life.

I turned 21 on Sunday, June 28. Election day here in Argentina. When to sell or serve alcohol is illegal. Just for one day.
In the country in which I have been drinking legally since I arrived, I could not have a drink on my 21st birthday.
Ah bon. C'est la vie.
I did receive some beautiful flowers from two lovely friends.
aren't they pretty?

My head is anywhere but here. It is in the Andes of Northwest Argentina, sipping wine beside a friend. It is sitting on the dock in Harrisville, NH, scratching old, grey Emma's ears and deftly avoiding the affectionate licks of my darling Trot. It is in the kitchen of a cottage in the French countryside, in Provence with Peter Mayle, and in Paris with AJ Leibling.
I've been reading so much since pop left me with a big stack of books before he left. If you're looking for two wonderful reads, Toujours Provence and Between Meals both just blew my mind and made me chronically hungry.

Bueno. A shower is in order after a workout and a yoga class this afternoon.

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  1. WTF? What are the odds? Very, very slim. Thus, it's pretty COOL. Rich irony is better than a glass of wine any day, especially when you could've had one the day before anyway.