Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Subte folks went on strike this afternoon, just in time for all of BsAs's commute home. Lines for the collectivos stretched around corners and across streets; I've never seen anything like it! By some act of díos a completely empty 67 pulled up to the line I was in and I actually got a seat. The dude sitting next to me fell asleep on my shoulder and I didn't have the heart to wake him up until I had to get off. It looked like he had been having one of those days... and hey, haven't we all? I've had days when I wished there was a cute girl in a soft sweatshirt to fall asleep on too. Though I think a few months ago I probably would have freaked if a stranger fell asleep on me.

I got out of class at 5:30, and finally made it home just under 3 hours later when I promptly set about making tomato soup (with corn, garbanzos, carrot, and onion) and grilled cheese (with a shmear of homemade pesto). That sure spells comfort to me.
Almost the weekend! 12 days until Jacqueline is here!

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