Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom wins!

Of course she does. My mama knows everything!
They're persimmons. And the Spanish word for them is caquis, which must be the cause for the cactus confusion. After a little google-ing, or "moogle-ing" as some of my Smith friends would say, (we like to personalize our google-ings... Becky boogles, Jae joogles, Meera moogles, and if I wanted to get really ambitious I could m'koogle) I found a bit more about this creamy orange tomato type thing currently ripening on my bedside table. The ones I bought are called fuyu persimmons, which seem to be much more agreeable than their sisters, the hachiya persimmons. People were talkin a lot of smack about the hachiyas and how they have to be perfectly ripe to enjoy them. Fuyus sound a lot more chill. And I dig their colors. Reminds me of my old room at 463 Central St... earthy green and bright shiny orange. I foresee a future for me and the fuyu. The texture is really distinct... kind of like a papaya, ish? Kind of creamy, and not too sweet. But they're only grown on the west coast it seems, mostly California and Oregon. That must be why I've never seen them before. Just another reason to head towards Portland...
So what am I going to do with my persimmons? persimmon? Is it one of those singular AND plural words? Or do I add the s? I found a recipe online that I just happen to have all the makings for... so maybe I'll try it out for dinner tomorrow. 

OK. I'm going to work on my research paper. Now. I got this. [insert grimace here].

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