Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some other goings on. Day 32

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day; it was the second time I’ve been outside the US to celebrate. Last year, I was in Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day in BA was a little different, to say the least.

Since Gina’s homestay mom is out of the apartment for the week, I met Gina at her place in Almagro to drink some wine and watch a bit of Orgulloso y Prejuicio (nothing like beautiful people with British accents to make you feel like home). Then we met up with Kara and headed to Temple Bar on Marcelo T Alvear right en el centro. There was free face paint (I’m still working on getting the last flecks of glitter of the right side of my face), expensive drinks, and lots of drunk dudes. Most of the time, Argentine men are only %20 alcohol, 80% vain and self-assured. St. Patrick’s Day, it seems, is the one night when they’re just aaaall 100% crunk-ass playas. No thanks! The three of us girls finally resorted to adopting alter egos when anyone stumbling/sketchy/with a mullet tried to approach us. Kara pretended to be mute. Gina only spoke in a low voice that rivaled the cigarette encrusted scratch of Molly’s host mom. I was from France… “Je ne comprends pas!” When Temple Bar got a little old, we headed over to a block party on Reconquista, and pretty much immediately realized it was NOT the place for three young American women to be walking around. Stuff was on fire. Broken glass everywhere. Packs of men chanting and clapping around a bagpiper (who knows where he came from?) So we ducked out faster than they could say “De donde sos? Wayhr ahrd yous flrom?”

Another big day is coming up as Barbara’s fiesta de quince is this friday. I saw the dress the other day. Think pink Cinderella + strawberry cupcake. She’s going to look beautiful. Did I mention there’s 170 guests? And it doesn’t end until 6am? Everyone’s busy with the preparations…

My search for a new dress to wear to the party lead me into Palermo Soho yesterday after I met Molly and Kara for the most delicious pizza I’ve had here so far. The place was called Io te amasso… thin crust and deeeelicious. For some reason, most pizza places here like to include huevos duros (hard boiled eggs) and salsa golf on every slice, but gratefully, this place was self-proclaimed “Italian style” and neglected the Argentine fascination for the strange mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. At least I think that’s what it is.

Just down the street from the pizza place was the big fancy shopping district with all of BA’s top designers. Papa, don’t worry! I restrained myself! But it was fun to window shop alongside the rich and famous for a few hours!

Almost forgot an important update! The oven works! I made my first batch of cookies this afternoon. They came out alright for not having measuring cups, baking soda, or eggs. Yup, I banana battered those babies and they still came out pretty good! They look a little funny, and they’re very dense without the leavening, but throw sugar, banana, oatmeal, walnuts, and chocolate chunks in anything and it’s sure to be delicious!

Well, its about time for a family skype date and maybe even some homework before classes tomorrow. Hasta luego!

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