Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been in Buenos Aires for 25 days.

Yesterday I saw some silly things.

There was a 40+ year old woman learning to ride a unicycle in a park on my way to check my mail.

There was a basset hound with legs so short and ears so long that it had to wear a headband type of thing to keep its long ears from dragging on the ground.

I opened the oven in my apartment, only to find that it is just another place to put pots and pans. Devastation ensued. I need to ask if it actually works, and is just being put to another "use", but I’m afraid of the answer. 100+ days sin horno. Can I handle it?

Yesterday’s yoga was an interesting experience. It felt good to move and stretch like that again. But having to translate and open my eyes to see what to do took a little of the calm out of it all. I even had a ‘late ballerina ends up facing the wrong way on the bar’ moment, and had to hold triangle pose facing a line of sniggering porteƱos. But other than it was good.

It torrentially down poured today. All day.

The Jonas Brothers just announced their world tour. They’re coming to BA in May. Barbara (14 year old homestay sister) is still screaming and blasting their album, along with intermittent breaks to play Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing.

Can’t figure that one out.

Abby returns to America tonight!!! 

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